Embracing Freedom: Liberty at Grassroots – An Unprecedented Gathering

In a world filled with diverse perspectives and ideologies, the upcoming event, “Liberty at Grassroots,” promises to be a beacon of unity, freedom, and empowerment. Scheduled to take place on 8th March 2024 at Lighthouse Chapel, Madina estate, this gathering aims to celebrate the essence of liberty from the ground up, focusing on teaching young girls at the Junior High School (JHS) level in Ghana about liberty, entrepreneurship, and leadership. This transformative event seeks to provide a platform for these young minds to learn, grow, and become the leaders of tomorrow. As anticipation builds, let’s delve into what makes this event unique and why it holds the potential to be a transformative experience for all attendees.

The Power of Liberty: Liberty is a cornerstone of any thriving society, and understanding its principles from a young age can foster a sense of responsibility and empowerment. “Liberty at Grassroots” aims to introduce these young girls to the concept of liberty, emphasizing the importance of individual freedom, personal responsibility, and women’s economic freedom of women. By instilling these values early on, the event seeks to nurture a generation of informed and active citizens.

Entrepreneurship for Empowerment:

One of the key focuses of the event is entrepreneurship, recognizing it as a pathway to economic independence and self-sufficiency. Young girls will be able to explore the world of entrepreneurship, learning about business ideation, planning, and execution. Workshops and interactive sessions will be conducted by experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing invaluable insights into the practical aspects of starting and running a business.

The event aims to inspire these young minds to think creatively, fostering a mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities. By introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship, “Liberty at Grassroots” strives to empower these girls with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the global economy.

Leadership Development:

Leadership is a skill that transcends all aspects of life. “Liberty at Grassroots” recognizes the potential within every young girl to become a leader in her community, nation, or even globally. Through leadership development workshops and mentorship programs, the event aims to equip these girls with the tools they need to take on leadership roles with confidence.

The event will feature inspiring speakers and role models who have broken barriers and succeeded in their respective fields. These mentors will share their journeys, providing guidance and encouragement to the young participants. By fostering a sense of leadership, the event aspires to create a ripple effect, where these empowered young girls inspire positive change in their communities.



“Liberty at Grassroots” emerges as a beacon of hope, offering young girls in Ghana a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and shape their destinies. By focusing on liberty, entrepreneurship, and leadership, the event seeks to create a generation of informed, empowered, and confident individuals ready to tackle the challenges of the future. As these young minds gather at this transformative event, the seeds of change are sown, promising a brighter and more empowered future for Ghana and beyond.


Article by:

Angela Okai-Nartey (Mrs.)